Bamboo Bubby Sleeping Bag 1-1.5 TOG .

Fuschia Pink

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Bamboo Bubby Baby Sleeping Bag. Has adjustable mitten sleeves for eczema & dermatitis.


70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton. 1 - 1.5 TOG



Help your baby with sensitive skin get a good nights sleep with the one size fits 000 to 2+ (recommended for ages 6 months - 2+ years) Bamboo Bubby Bag™, which is the only bamboo baby sleeping bag designed to stop damage caused by scratching eczema or dermatitis.

The hypo-allergenic and breathable 70% bamboo / 30% organic cotton fabric of the sleeping bag has a TOG rating of 1-1.5 making it suitable for use in all seasons and is the perfect cot linen alternative, ensuring your baby's body temperature is regulated, preventing additional itching from overheating, while also keeping them warm during colder weather.

The unique adjust-a-sleeve™ design will also provide a safe sleeping option for your rolling baby who can no longer be swaddled yet still need their hands enclosed for security, warmth or to prevent damage from scratching or even chronic thumb sucking.

The Bamboo Bubby Bag™ will make your life as a parent easier with its double ended zipper that can be opened from top or bottom making night time nappy changes quick and easy without taking your baby out of the sleeping bag.

It also has a seatbelt slot, making it usable with 5 point safety harnesses of cars or prams, to ensure damage from scratching or sucking is minimised at other times when you can't easily monitor.




A baby sleeping bag with sleeves that will grow with your baby.

The Bamboo Bubby Bag™ is an innovative baby sleeping bag design with adjustable sleeves allowing it to grow with your baby throughout their entire first 2+ years.

The unique sleeve design works similarly to growsuits that have handcovers which fold over. Unfortunately, these are usually unavailable in sizes larger than 00 or 0 and this is where the Bamboo Bubby Bag™ has filled a much needed market niche, as often it is when babies are this size or the approximate 6-9 month age that eczema is diagnosed and parents need to find a way to reduce scratching during sleep times.

There is also a snap press in the underarm of the sleeve allowing the armhole to be adjusted when your baby is small and then left unclipped as they grow bigger.

The Bamboo Bubby bag™ will fit your baby throughout their entire first 2+ years due to its very generous length, designed to fit the height of an average 2-3 year old.

When using the sleeping bag with smaller babies, simply place them in the bag, on their back with their feet near the bottom of the mattress as recommended by
SIDS for Kids to ensure safe sleeping.

Excess fabric at the bottom of the bag can be tucked underneath the end of the cot mattress which will also encourage safer sleeping on their back.



Bamboo fabric benefits

Bamboo fabric is the perfect textile to produce sleeping bags providing a natural eczema treatment for your baby who suffers eczema or other sensitive skin conditions, as research suggests it:


  • is a hypoallergic natural fibre, which will not irritate already sensitive skin
  • its fibres expand when warm to let skin breathe, and contract when cool to trap heat close to the body, so it will keep your baby’s body temperature regulated and prevent additional itching from overheating, but also keep them warm in the colder months
  • has natural anti-bacterial properties which will not aggrevate skin prone to infection
  • is a highly durable, absorbent fabric that dries quickly, meaning you can wash & dry your Bamboo Bubby Bag quickly and easily
  • will provide dry protection to help stop thumb sucking and damage this causes to skin



Bamboo Bubby Bags are made of 70% bamboo & 30% organic cotton interlock fabric, giving them the extra softness of bamboo combined with the additional strength of organic cotton. Your baby will be able to use this bamboo fabric sleeping bag all year round to prevent scratching and have a comfortable night’s sleep.


Easy night time changes

The Bamboo Bubby Bag's nifty double ended zipper makes night time nappy changes quick and easy.

No need to undress your baby and cause unnecessary disruptions to their precious baby sleep time, meaning you can get back to sleep faster too!

Safety for everyone is increased with the Bamboo Bubby Bag's cleverly designed car or stroller and pram seatbelt slot which allows any 5 point safety harness to pass through the sleeping bag, making it easy to transport your eczema baby while wearing it, so they can't do further damage to their skin during times that you can't closely monitor and need to focus on road conditions without distractions like while driving or while walking with prams or strollers.


A Good night's Sleep

Improving Baby Sleep for Eczema Babies

The Bamboo Bubby Bag™ has been specifically designed with baby's sleep in mind, to help encourage a good night's sleep for babies with eczema.

By providing a unique, adjustable enclosed sleeve design that will stop baby scratching, breaking the itch, scratch, wake cycle providing relief for both you and your baby.

Now available in 3 funky colours - Turquoise blue, Fuschia pink or Sage green.





































































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Bamboo Bubby was the only option out there!!

By: on 28 March 2017
My 5 month old son has severe eczema. Flare ups on his face are a regular occurance. He has now just started rolling so I am unable to swaddle him anymore to keep his hands from mutilating his face. I bought one bamboo bubby in hopes that it will keep the abrasiveness to his face low. Although his face still has not healed from a recent flare up, I think the bamboo bubby has assisted in keeping him warm and comfy as the material feels luxurious and soft, cooler at night preventing sweat rash (compared to other sleeping bags I have tried which has given him sweat rash) while the inbuilt mittens protect his face from scratching. My son knows its bedtime when I put him in the bamboo bubby as he gets all snug it it. There is no other product out there in the market that deals with both eczema and sleep combined for young babies. This is the only one! And for these reasons I have bought another 2 bamboo bubbys and will buy a few more to keep in rotation due to the fact I have to change them every night as it gets quite dirty from pus/creams/saliva/milk....I hope this review helps other mothers out there who are dealing with infantile eczema! As I know how hard it can be.....The only Very Minor negative I have is regarding the sleeves.......the folds keep falling out when my son sucks on his thumb/rubs his face however as mentioned a very minor problem as I know the bamboo bubby will grow with my child, added benefit with a tall baby who grows out of everything very quickly!

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