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Author: Louise   Date Posted:14 April 2018 

Whats New at the zoo?

When our little product tester James was big enough we gave him a Skip Hop Backpack, Lunchie and Drink Bottle to use for daycare. He chose the ever popular and oh so cute Dog Character. 2 years later these wonderful Zoo Characters are still going strong!!  

What we love here at Wrigglepot about the Skip Hop Zoo Collection is it's superior Quality and Focus on design for ease of use by small children. The backpack and lunchie have super large and sturdy tags attached to the zipper so that when they need to open their bags it can be done with ease making them more independant.

The Flip Straw bottle also is easy to use once your little one is ready to progress from sippy cups. again small fingers can easily pop open the lid to reveal a straw to drink from and close it down to protect the straw from numerous germs and flying bugs!!

It also has a very handy velcro strap so it can be attached to almost anything. Other features include 

Extra straw included It is Dishwasher-safe and Holds 350ml and of couse it is BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free

Just recently James came to visit us and was downstairs in my " Shop " where he spied a brand new

 ( fortunately wrapped in plastic ) dog backpack. " Mine Mine Mine Nana " he said as he ran over and grabbed it and proceeded  to Hug and Kiss it. ( so cute ) Well the plastic held up and I was able to manoeuvre him out of the shop but not before he spied the new Dalmation back pack That looks very much like Marshall from Paw Patrol, which are one of the favourites at the moment. "Marshall Marshall Nana I love him" Haha I wonder what he will be getting for his Birthday :) !! 

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