Top Ten Esstentials Parents need with a Reflux Baby

Author: Renee   Date Posted:3 February 2017 

Top Ten Esstentials Parents need with a Reflux Baby


Hello to you all :)

The other day I was walking to the train station in the city and I heard a new born baby cry. Being a mum I couldn't turn around quick enough to see the tiny bundle. As I turned around the newborn vomited all over mum and I could help but giggle to myself, only months earlier this was me and bringing back those memories of what I thought was torture I now miss.  

Reflux is quite common in newborns and most infants grow out of it by the time they are 9 months but when going through it as a parent it can be exhausting. Reflux can be quite varied with infants having little spit ups and to infants like my husband who would scream all day/night long and only sleep in 20 minute intervals. fortunately, my son James wasn't that bad and he would cry for a while until he vomited then he settled down.

I remember going grocery shopping once and I had James in the baby carrier, half way through the shop he vomited everywhere, all down my top, my face, in my hair it wasn't pretty but I was that tired and at that point I didn't care what I looked like so I cleaned him up and wiped most of the visible vomit off me with the cloth diapers I used for vomit wipe ups and kept going because you get to a point as a parent you just need to get things done.

There are a few essential items I used daily for the first 11 months of James life for his reflux

1. Cloth Nappies (cheap ones from Big W or Kmart) great for putting over your shoulder, in between you and baby in the carrier (this will help you) cleaning up vomit.

2. Water Bottle - Take a spare water bottle when you’re out if vomit reaches the ground then use this to water it down.

3. Dummies - this is your choice but after a bottle it helped sooth James reflux they say the sucking keeps it down.

4. Comforter's - It just provides an extra level of comfort remember to have multiple on hand when you’re out.

5. Baby Shusher - this is a life saver at 3am in the morning when your baby wakes in pain and instead of hours of rocking, patting the baby shusher sends them off to sleep (win!)

6. Baby Wipes - Make sure you have ample in your Nappy bag when you’re out and about not just for the baby but for yourself.

7. Bouncer - keeping them upright after a feed if you need to do something

8. Baby Carrier - not only does it comfort them but it when they are unsettled during the day at least you can still have two arms to so things

9. Infants Friend - Not only helped with his Wind but also his Reflux

10. Pillow wedge - this was great to keep him upright while feeding, also I used it a few times and put it under his mattress in his bassinet to keep upright during the night after a feed until he goes to sleep.


There you have it my top ten reflux essentials that helped me get through 11 months on constant reflux, it breaks your heart to see your child in pain but at least you can be prepared. Please share your essentials for reflux with comments below.

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