Airwrap Mesh Cot Liner - A Safer Alternative To Cot Bumpers

Author: Louise Saunders   Date Posted:23 December 2021 

Airwrap Mesh Cot Liner - A Safer Alternative To Cot Bumpers

My daughter Renee was born in 1985. I knew nothing about babies or having a baby. 

I was never educated on what was safe to eat during pregnancy as mothers are today. I was astounded when my daughter was pregnant with her first child to learn of the dangers of certain foods. It is a miracle that she survived!

Another thing I was not aware of was the dangers of cot bumpers. I made all of Renee's nursery bedding, sheets, cot bumper, curtains, bouncer cover etc. Everything matched. I do remember removing the bumper when Renee could stand in her cot as she would use it to try and stand higher up to climb out!

Although Cot Bumpers are still available to purchase in Australia, several child safety organisations do not recommend using them.

Here at Wrigglepot we have always sold the Airwrap Mesh Cot Liner. I guess one aspect I like about these cot liners is that they do help to keep your little one’s legs and arms inside the cot. Also, if bub rolls with their face against the mesh it is made from Air permeable, breathe through materials, a much safer option.

At Airwrap, they are passionate about the innovation and creation of products that are better for you and your precious creation.

Since 2006, they have pioneered the cot liner category as an alternative to traditional
cot bumpers, incorporating the air-permeable slimline yet lightly padded materials and multi-cot fitment with vented corners for C02 to disperse.

The Airwrap Cot Liners come in 2 sided and 4 sided versions. You can view the purchasing options here

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