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Author: Louise   Date Posted:4 January 2017 

Exciting New products and Educational toys will be added to Wrigglepot during the year

IM Toys : Glutting Giraffe

I remember when my daughter was little the range of toys was so small compared to what is available today. Thinking back on what she had (mostly given as gifts or passed through family) there were many wooden toys, all educational. So many of these that Renee had are still around today. One of her favourites was a wooden block trolley she would push and play with it for hours. There were wooden animal puzzles an abacus, wooden shape box, pull along dog and various others over the years. All timeless toys to help your little one learn through play.

This is why one of the areas I am expanding on here at Wrigglepot will be educational toys. Our newest item to be introduced is from IM toys and is called George the Glutting - Giraffe . We have had our product tester James enjoy hours of fun with this high quality product. All five shapes also double up as spinning tops. I have already ordered more as the first shipment is almost gone.!!

Also if anyone has any suggestions on anything you would like to see us stock at wrigglepot please email me at I would love to know any suggestions you may have.

What was your favourite toy as a child? I remember my Grandmother made me a raggetty ann doll that I still have today!

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