Silicone Teething Rusk & Fruit Stick Holder By Nana G's At Wrigglepot

For anyone with a bub who is teething, we all know the pain of having to constantly find that rusk or fruit stick that keeps getting dropped or thrown!

Nana g  Founder - Bernadette Gilligan a Queensland Mother and Grandmother who has 5 adult children and 8 grandchildren has made life that little bit easier for you with their new rusk and fruit stick holder!

Bernadette came up with the design for a rusk holder which holds the rusk and attaches to the babies clothing. The baby can then be independant in retrieving it themselves. Great for baby and even better for Mum’s and Dad’s who no longer need to retrieve discarded rusks. These holders clip to bubs clothes with a cute little clasp and allows the rusk or fruit stick to be sucked on all day long without having to keep digging out a new one!

The Rusk Holders won a product of the year award in 2019!

Apart from no longer wasting rusks, it is essentially cleaner and saves money.Parents love that it is BPA free and can also be used for fruit sticks and other foods.

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