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The Caboo + Organic Baby Carrier - Soft Organic Cotton


New release design for 2016 Available in a beautiful range of colours


Caboo, a sweet sounding word that means to be close to someone, is the new name for the Close baby carrier.


So, when you Caboo, you are close to your little one, whenever, wherever.

With the Caboo +organic, you’re close to your baby in the most natural and chemical-free way possible.


Makes Life Simpler

Made of 100% certified organic cotton, the Caboo +organic is dyed using Oeko-tex standard dyes that contain no harsh or harmful chemicals, and is simple and easy to use by yourself. It goes on quickly and easily and can adjust to fit all wearers by simply pulling the fabric through the rings.

With the Caboo+ organic, baby will sit in a ‘frog legged position’ which is a very natural position for a baby and naturally places less weight and strain on their developing hips.

Yes, when you Caboo, your baby is fully supported from the top of their head to the base of their spine, plus all the way to behind the knees, placing less strain on developing hips.

Plus, the Caboo +organic is supremely comfortable for you too with soft wide straps that spread the weight of your little one evenly over both shoulders. The fixed cross provides excellent back support and will help reduce strain on your shoulders.

Makes Parenting Easier

Caboo +organic makes being a parent so much more fun and snugglier. Your baby will be held high and close to your heart, providing much-loved natural reassurance and a feeling of security for you both.


Makes More Sense

The Caboo +organic makes more sense for parents who wish to use organic fabric for their little ones while babywearing, feeding baby and just enjoying those sweet snuggles.


Why organic cotton?

We discovered that although cotton feels natural and pure, it is a crop that has become more and more dependent on industrial forming techniques, which rely on pesticides, fertilisers and genetic crop modification. These aren’t so good for our health or our environment.

So what makes an organic cotton crop? Well, it is simply cotton grown without the help of all those chemicals, and where farmers place an emphasis on enrichment of the soil and other low impact techniques.

Organic cotton is as soft, durable and wonderful to wear as other cottons, but reduces your exposure to the chemicals that other cotton products bring with them, great news for new babies, with thinner more delicate skin than you and I.




What parents are saying...

"Four boys and four carriers later, I LOOOOOVE the Caboo +organic! I have tried a sling and front and back carriers with my children, but this is the best. It is self-packaging so it's protected while not in use. Easy to wash and wear; comfy and cuddly and it's organic, so he's wrapped in only the best around me." -Annelisa, Wangaratta


"Just LOVE my Caboo +organic baby carrier! After only one attempt at using a Baby Bjorn carrier, I gave up for all the pain from the buckles and straps. This carrier, I can (and have!) worn literally all day long, even after having a caesarian. This carrier was the best support after having my second baby by caesarian, especially when I used it with the wrap. It's just so comfy and easy to use; even my husband wears it." - Rosa, Dubbo


"After four children, I have finally found a baby carrier that does all that it claims to do. I actually USE this one, unlike some others I have tried. It holds my baby securely and comfortably against my body, and best of all, it's heaven on my back! It's a fantastic resource for my little refluxer too, who likes to be in an upright position. We go for walks, do the shopping and even the housework using the Caboo +organic. I wouldn't be without it." - Rachel, Adelaide



Top ten reasons to Caboo with your baby :

1. Carrying your baby in a sling leaves your hands free for other tasks - making your life easier

2. A carried baby is a happier, calmer baby - this in turn creates happier parents

3. Baby carrying offers constant and easy access to the breast

4. Baby wearing is a universally tested method of carrying your baby, which has been done for millenia

5. The Caboo can easily be fitted and used by one person

6. Baby wearing for premature and newborn babies can reduce the affects of airborne diseases on these little ones

7. Baby wearing has a soothing affect on babies as they move with their wearer and hear the rhythm of heartbeat, voice and breath

8. Baby wearing encourages intimacy and closeness between a baby and his/her carrier

9. Baby wearing helps to ease reflux and colic. Wearing your baby gently massages their belly which encourages digestion and bowel elimination.

10. The safest place for a baby is with YOU!


Like all the other parents who’ve chosen the Caboo Baby Carrier have found out, this carrier really can change your life.

You can put the sling on easily by yourself, you can carry your baby in it for hours if you want, and you can get on with the rest of your life while you do so.


This isn’t a rucksack to transport your baby from A to B. Thousands of mums use this carrier to bond with their baby, to soothe their baby, to rock them to sleep and then get on with the rest of their day whether that includes working, shopping or washing up.



Cocoon Weather Protector available separately:

The sun doesn't always shine, and there are bound to be times when you will find yourself out in the wind, rain or even snow. Don't let the weather stop you from wearing your baby!

The Cocoon weather protector by Close Ltd is the perfect way to protect your little one from the elements.

It couldn't be easier to keep your little nipper snug and dry so you can get out and Caboo, whatever the weather.

Thanks to its nifty universal clip*, your Cocoon will fit most carrier brands (including the caboo +organic and the caboo dx) and can also be used with some strollers.

Adjustable sizing means the Cocoon is designed to grow with your little ones and can be used when baby is facing in or out.

Composition: 100% nylon with thermo polyurethane membrane.

*maximum material/strap thickness for clip is approximately 3-4 mm



Wrigglepot Review

I will start by saying that I don't think there is a perfect baby carrier, but for me this came the absolute closest. I purchased 7 baby carriers before this one and it was by far the best carrier for me.

The best thing for me was that my back didn't hurt and I didn't get any shoulder drag at all.

This is fantastic for carrying a baby around all day or just for quick trips to the shop as you don't have to re-tie the carrier every time like a lot of similar carriers. The other huge plus for me was that my baby was absolutely safe.

When testing another carrier I ran after my toddler and very nearly dropped my baby on his head!! With the Close Baby Carrier I felt very secure and was able to run around after my toddler without having any concerns.

The material is lovely and I loved that I could throw it in the wash. I didn't always use the band around the waist, but it is essential for some positions.


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