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Wouldn't mornings be better if they started later?

Introducing Sam the Sheep, the new Sleep Trainer Clock from Zazu. Presented in a Gift Box.

Choose from Grey ,Pink or Blue!

SAM is an expert in sleep. He closes his eyes at bedtime and wakes up only when its a reasonably hour to jump out of bed. With a night light and a pile of other functions SAM is top of the range when it comes to sleep trainers. 

Meet SAM 
Young children don't have a sense of time like we grown ups have, theirs is completely different: ‘Their day starts when they open their eyes in the morning and ends when they are put to bed’! That simple!! 
How does he do it? 

SAM goes to sleep when you put your little one to bed. He will actually close his eyes and will light up his screen  RED, meaning ‘It is time to sleep’. The LCD screen also changes colour to denote morning or night.

To also give them an idea 'how long they need to hang on', the 12 stars on the screen will disappear one by one, counting down the 30 remaining minutes and light up AMBER.

Of course SAM does it all very quietly, not to wake up your child in case he/she is still sleeping. You do not want to miss out on that possible lie-in right? Time to wake is indicated by the colour GREEN
What other skills does SAM have? 

SAM has 2 wake-up settings: 
• At a specific time, for example 7 am in the morning. 
• After a set number of minutes, for example wake-up after 120 minutes (afternoon nap). 

SAM has a sound Alarm which can be set (or disabled). The set time can differ from the wake-up time. For example the alarm can be set half an hour after opening of SAM’s eyes. Choose from 3 sounds and adjustable volume.

Nightlight-Adjustable brightness and auto shut-off
SAM’s dimmable nightlight, lit up screen, can stay lit during the entire night, but can also be set to automatically switch off after 5, 15 ,30 or 60 minutes.
SAM’s personal details: 

•Operates on AC/DC (included)Mains Electricity or batteries (4 x AA, not included) 
•Measurements: 20 x 12 x 14 cm 
 •Diameter LCD screen: 7 cm 
•SAM is not a toy 
•Tested according to EU regulations 
•Age recommendation: 2-2.5 years. Depending on development of child 



Here are some handy reference videos on how to operate Sam The Sheep:

Setting the time:

Setting the wake-up time:

Setting the naptime:

Closing the eyes at bedtime:

Wrigglepot Review

Anyone who has been woken up at 5am with their kids thinking it's morning will appreciate how Sam the Sheep could help.

Sam is a great way to help your children know when it's sleep time and when it's wake up time!







Colour changing display
The LCD screen changes colour to denote morning or night.
Analogue and digital time
Easy for children to learn and understand.
For older children or those who prefer an alarm, choose from 3 sounds with adjustable volume
Adjustable brightness & auto shut-off
Dimmable nightlight can stay lit continuously or automatically switch off after 5-15-30 minutes.

SAM’s personal details:

  • Operates on AC/DC (included with Australian plug) and batteries if preferred (needs 4 x AA Energiser or Duracell batteries, not included)
  • Measurements: 20 x 12 x 14 cm
  • Diameter LCD screen: 7 cm
  • SAM is not a toy
  • Tested according to EU regulations
  • Age recommendation to start using Sam: 2-2.5 years. Depending on development of your child


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sleep sheep

By: on 2 August 2017
Product is great, does exactly what its meant to. Recommend watching you tube tutorials to programme and testing somewhere other than the babies room before you introduce it. Once you've programmed once it makes sense, the first time can be a little challenging! My 3 year old totally gets the concept. Now to figure out how to stop him waking twice every night...

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